Day 12 | 08.15

“Daughter, He said to her, your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

MARK 5:34

God responds to our faith. Like the woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48), we need to have a deliberate, reaching faith. We need to decide that adversity is not going to keep us from getting to

the goodness of God.  We have to recognize that when we gather in prayer we reach out and touch God.

Discussion Questions

•   Sometimes it can seem that our need to understand why something is happening is greater than our need to trust God. How did God show you the “what” instead of the “why?”

•  Adversity should never stop our communion with God. Describe a time when you persevered in your faith through adversity. How did God honor your faithfulness?

•  Journal about  a situation in your life where it was evident that God’s hand of mercy was over you. How did knowing this bring you peace in a storm?

• Praying out loud is like pressing through the crowd—it detoxes us from the noise of the world. How does shifting from thought prayers to praying and worshipping out loud touch heaven and draw you closer

to God?

Prayer Focus

Press in during your prayer time by putting on some worship music and pray out loud declaring your faith and trust in God.

Children and Student Ministries (Springs Kids, The Tide) 

Next Steps

Declare your faith out loud – you don’t need to be shy about sharing what God has done in your life, hearing your story can bring hope to others.