Day 13 | 08.16

“Don’t be afraid. Just have faith, and she will be healed.”

LUKE 8:50 (NLT)

Everyone of us has needed a miracle at one time or another. Sometimes, in our pain, our need to understand why can be greater than our willingness to trust who God is. When we are always trying to figure out the why, we can never understand the what—what God is going to do next. On the way to our miracle we can’t stop and ask why. We must trust the will of God because it supersedes anything that we can ask, think, or imagine.

Discussion Questions

•   Has your need to understand why something is happening ever been greater than your need to trust God? How did God show you the “what” instead of the “why?”

•   When you haven’t yet experienced your miracle, you have to focus on the promises of God. Which one(s) of His promises has brought, or is bringing, you the most comfort?

•   Extreme desperation causes extreme trust (Psalm 91:1-4, 14-16). What scriptures can bring you peace with the will of God t?


Prayer Focus

Ask God what’s next for you. What does He want you to do while you wait on Him? Declare your trust in His plan for your life.


Pray over Dixie State University and the Young Adults 

Next Steps

Create a prayer and reading plan (if you don’t already have one) and be intentional on sticking to it to help you stay spiritually fit and beyond.