Day 16 | 08.19

Give me happiness, O Lord, for I give myself to you..

                                                         PSALM 86:4 (NLT)

What does giving ourselves to God mean? To me it means that we offer our whole self to God and don't hold anything back. As we do we will find that our worries and our anxieties melt away and that we experience true happiness that can only come from the Lord.

Discussion Questions

•   What areas of my life am I holding back from God?

•   Can you think of a time where you worried about releasing something to God but when you finally did He significantly blessed that thing? 

Prayer Focus

  • God, today I dedicate my mind to you. I want to think on things that are good, right, pure, and excellent. I want to take captive any thoughts that aren’t from you. I want to remember your past faithfulness when I am tempted to doubt.

  • Today, I dedicate my eyes to you. I want to see others the way you see them. I want to view my circumstances through the lens of hope and faith. I want to look at life as one who is confident that you are with me. 

  • Today, I dedicate my ears to you. I want to hear your voice above all the others clamoring for my attention. I want to listen to you and to honor others by listening well to them.  

  • Today, I dedicate my mouth to you. I want my words to be life-giving. I want to speak honestly and sincerely. I want to think before I speak. I want to let others have the last word.

  • Today, I dedicate my heart to you. I want my heart to be pure and undivided. I want to master my emotions, not serve them. I want my dreams and desires to please you.

  • Today, I dedicate my hands to you. I want to work hard at whatever I put my hands to. I want to touch others in love and goodwill. I want my hands to be open for whatever you want to give me and willing to release anything you want me to surrender.

  • Today, I dedicate my feet to you. I want to go wherever you send me. I want to walk toward the messes, not run from them. I want to stand firmly upon the truth and not stumble.


Next Steps

During your prayer time, pray through the above body parts and focus on giving each one to God.