DAY 20 | 08.23

God hears whatever we lift to Him in prayer, know we can pray our hardships away.  

Interestingly though, the disciples while facing persecution, prayed differently.  After Peter and John were arrested the first thing the church did was pray. They did not whine, complain, or grumble.  They PRAYED! They recognized that God oversaw everything. So instead of asking God to spare them from persecution, they prayed that God would give them the courage to keep preaching the gospel with boldness; that they would be strong enough to stand when hardships come.

The Bible instructs us to go and make disciples, with that comes having to face hard times, trials and persecution.

Prayer Focus

Let’s learn from the apostles and choose to pray for boldness, courage and strength to withstand whatever comes our way. 

Discussion Questions

What is your first reaction to trials and hardships?

Do you pray for God to take it away?

Would you boldly stand when it gets tough?

What prayer would you pray?

Next Steps

Find 2 or 3 people from your Life group or within our church family to share what you’re going through right now and pray together.