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DAY FIVE | 08.08

“God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive a crown of life that God promised to those who love Him.”


Everything that happens to us gives God an opportunity to do something in us. God will use difficult things that we go through to teach us, test us and help us grow closer to Him. What is tested can be trusted. What has not been tested is hard to trust. God will use those areas where we have been tested to lead us into our purpose.

Discussion Questions

•  What happens to us gives God an opportunity to do something in us. Describe a time when you were tested that then gave you an opportunity to grow.

•  Hebrews 3:8 tells us not to harden our hearts during testing. What are some ways to avoid this hardening?

•  Pastor Rick Warren has said that your greatest pain often becomes your greatest ministry. How does this experience help you relate to others?


Prayer Focus

Ask God to help you embrace trials and see what He is teaching you through them. Pray that the testing of your faith brings about a perseverance that leads to maturity and becomes a foundation for ministry to others that will walk through similar struggles.

Our Nation- national missions (ARC) revival in America

Next Steps

Take a moment this week to review your devotional prayer life. Be intentional to first seek the presence of God before asking him to meet your specific needs. Check your Pray First personal prayer guide for more information on prayer formats. A prayer guide can be downloaded at: 21days.churchofthehighlands.com/resources