DAY 7 | 08.10

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”


When we pray, God moves on our behalf. Prayer must be the foundation of everything we do if we desire to see God move. It needs to be ingrained in our daily lives, becoming our first response and not our last resort. It must be firmly planted on Jesus and His word, a continual experience of God’s presence, and a devotion to His heart—the lost. So let us be watchful and thankful, and devote ourselves to pursuing

His presence, and praying boldly for others!

Discussion Questions

• Prayer is a leading indicator of what God is going to do in the coming season because our prayers matter to Him. What are some things you are anticipating in a coming season?

• Colossians 4:2-3 instructs us to devote ourselves to prayer before anything else. How can this attitude help to prevent offenses before they happen?

• Paul tells us to be watchful. Think of a time when you’ve asked God to help you be spiritually alert to another’s needs. What was the outcome? How was this prayer different than others you’ve prayed for yourself?


Prayer Focus

Pray that God will show you practical ways to be more watchful and thankful. Ask that as you walk closely with Him, that He show you people that can pray for, serve, or share the love of Jesus with. Pray that you would be spiritually alert, not missing an opportunity to share Jesus.  Thank Him for His faithfulness.

Next Steps

Life should not be lived in isolation. Find a person of the same gender in your group who can serve as an accountability partner for you, and exchange prayer requests with them.