Day 9 | 08.12

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”

ACTS 4:13(NIV)

Most of us are somewhere between praying for something or someone and receiving the answer. However when we push aside our agenda and focus on an encounter with the living God, we will always experience His presence. It is the encounter with God’s presence that transforms us. This doesn’t mean our needs will go unmet; we do need God’s hand to move. But the best way to position ourselves to receive from the hand of God is to seek His heart. Seeking after His presence because NOTHING ELSE compares to the presence of God.

Discussion Questions

•   Acts 4:13 talks about the visible change in Peter and John after they had been with Jesus. Journal about a time that you’ve had an encounter with God. How did it change your life?

•   We’ll experience God’s presence when we set aside our agenda. Has there been a time that you came to God without an agenda but then saw Him move in that area anyway?

• Matthew 16:15-19 teaches us that encounters with God will bless our lives. What should we do in our prayer time to create an atmosphere in which we will encounter Him?

•  It is impossible to disconnect the person of God from the work of God. When we seek His heart,

His hand, His hope, His strength, etc.—will come on our lives. Describe a time when you saw His power at work in your life. How did you know that it was from God and not of the world?

 Prayer Focus

During your prayer time, drop your agenda and ask the Lord what He would like to do in your life. Express your desire to encounter Him in a new way and increase your capacity for His presence. As you spend time with Him, ask that you would be marked by Him—becoming more like Him each day.

The Lost- services, lifesavers, family members 

Next Steps

Ask God for opportunities to encourage, comfort, or share your faith with someone this week. Each day, anticipate these encounters and allow God’s love to flow through you.