The church planting desire has always been on Pastor Brian's heart from the young age of 16. However, at that time the church planting journey had just begun. From serving as a Youth Pastor to being an Adult Executive Pastor, Pastor Brian has seen God do amazing things in and through people. After 18 or so years in ministry, it was time. The Lord had paved the way. On a road trip along the west coast, God spoke to Pastor Brian and said, "Look at the desert, dry and barren land waiting to be watered and cultivated. There are still people wandering out in the desert trying to find their way to the Promise Land I have for them. Brian, Go. Bring them to me." From that moment the Lord opened and closed many doors. Pastor Brian knew the church plant call was going to be somewhere on the west coast, but where? After tons of prayer and fasting, Utah was revealed to be the place. Specifically, St. George, Utah. With many people not knowing the life-giving message of Jesus and many having their own distorted image of who God is, there is need for a life-giving local church in this rapidly-growing city. The Mallette Family has such a passion and heart to see people come to know who Jesus is and discover their God-given purpose. The adventure has just begun and the best is yet to come!